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Since 1949, Fire Fighters Equipment Company has provided the highest level of service in the fire prevention and fire suppression industry.

Our services only begin with installation of the equipment. Our Guaranteed Budget and Compliance Plans include a Fire Protection Log Book, which contains the complete service record of all the fire protection you own in addition to annual OSHA CFR 29 required training.

Fire Protection and Life safety are our highest priorities. This is why we provide annual training on the proper use of fire extinguishers and the proper method to perform the required monthly inspections for each fire extinguisher. Fire Fighters Equipment Company will not only train your personnel but also provide them with the documentation and forms required to comply with all State and National Codes.

In addition to our experience and know-how, Fire Fighters Equipment Company carries over $5 million of liability insurance.

Call us today and find out why companies of all sizes have trusted Fire Fighters Equipment Company to handle their fire prevention, and fire suppression needs.