Restaurant Fire Suppression Systems


Millions of dollars in fire damage a year occur as a result of outdated or poorly maintained cooking environments

With the fast pace environment in restaurant kitchens, taking every precautionary step possible to prevent fires is critical to business success.

Firefighters Equipment Company is the foremost authority on designing, installing, and maintaining restaurant fire suppression systems in Jacksonville and North Florida . Our team will design a fire suppression system customized to fit your specific cooking environment needs.

Don't leave your restaurants future to chance. Use the company who has been designing and maintaining fire suppression systems since 1997.

Firefighters is an authorized dealer of all Ansul and Kidde fire suppression systems. We provide full implementation and support for both of these highly respected lines. To learn more about Ansul and Kidde products including the popular:
  • Kidde Wet Chemical Kitchen Fire Suppression System
  • Ansul R-102 Restaurant Fire Suppression System call and ask for one of our restaurant specialists.

For more information about fire suppression systems or other restaurant safety services please call us at

Is your Restaurant UL300 compliant?

Fire Fighters Equipment Company has helped hundreds of restaurants become UL300 compliant.

 Do I need to upgrade my restaurant fire protection systems?


If any of the following is true of your restaurant cooking area it is time to upgrade your fire protection system:

  • If your restaurant cooking area fire protection system was manufactured after November 21, 1994 ; OR
  • Any changes are made to the original installation of cooking appliances and the hoods/ducts within the protection area, or the addition of cooking appliances required protection, or a change to vegetable-based cooking oils; OR
  • The manufacturer of the restaurant cooking area fire protection system or another fire protection expert recommends upgrading the system; OR
  • The local enforcement authorities, insurance company, or other authority requires or recommends upgrading the system.

For more information about UL300 please visit the FEMA web site at

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