Marine Fire Systems

A fire out of control on land is devastating, but a fire out of control at sea can be the most tragic of all accidents.

Fire Fighters Equipment Company is an ABS External Specialist and is the Factory Authorized Representative for Kidde and Ansul Marine Fire Systems.

Our system technicians maintain continuing education to remain current with the latest standards and procedures. Members of our staff have completed Kidde Fire System's Marine CO2 and FM 200 training courses in Boston at the Kidde factory. We participate in the training program offered by Kidde Fire Systems every two years as well as other training courses. This is all part of our commitment to stay on the cutting edge of Marine Fire Solutions.

We Provide the following:

  • ABS External Specialist, ABS certificate number JS 1684-X
  • SAR/SCBA Service.
  • DOT Hydrostatic Testing Facility for SCBA's and other cylinders.
  • UL Listed Halon Recovery Systems.
  • Sprinkler Systems.
  • Emergency Lighting.
  • Recharge of CO2 Halon, Foam, PKP and many other agents.
  • Fire Alarm Systems.
  • Low Pressure CO2 Systems.
  • Safety Equipment, Fire extinguishers, and many other items In Stock.
  • Sandblast and Paint Cylinders.

Call us today to find out why we are a leader in Marine Fire Systems.

Vehicle Fire Suppression System

Mega-class non-road mobile equipment requires Mega Class fire protection.

Fire Fighters Equipment Company has helped hundreds of companies implement fire safety solutions for:
  • Dozers.
  • Scrapers.
  • Graders.
  • Cranes.
  • Slag Put Carriers.
  • Compactors.
  • And many more Mega-Class vehicles.

When every second counts you can be assured that you have the highest quality fire suppression equipment properly installed by industry experts.

Whether you have a fleet of vehicles or just a few, our team of experts will devise a custom solution that will reduce the impact of a vehicle fire. Our systems are versatile, regardless of the vehicle type, size, or environment. From vehicles where space is at a premium to mega-class non-road mobile equipment we have the solution to best fit your needs.

Don't wait until it is too late. Call us today and find out more about our mega-class Fire suppression systems.

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